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June 28, 2021

Yellow Raincoat

his yellow raincoat still hung on the old wooden family clothes tree
even though it has not been used for years since his untimely death

in the vestibule by the front door

that he had walked through 10,000 times

death almost always seems to be untimely - usually grim

no doubt he thought he’d wear it again 

no one’s even thought of putting it away

it would be like closing a door, turning out a light

so it stays on one of the prominent hooks

a silent sentry to the former life and times

there’s his old brown cloth recliner

worn arms reaching out

pining away in the front room waiting for him

he’ll never come back to sit in it

doze in it, tell stories from it, watch television in it

the bedroom closet still with his clothes

hanging there, haven’t made it to the thrift store yet

tools he used on the workbench he made himself 

laying motionless gathering dust

one day they’ll all be put away but not yet