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August 8, 2021

Hit The Road? Gladly

white clouds drifting lazily in the sky, this wanderer lazily drifting below on earth
shape up or ship out? I’ll ship out

on a schooner, freighter, junk or raft

your way or the highway? I’ll take the highway

80-94, pacific coast highway, A1A

my old friend route 66

I’ll ride that road as far as it goes

the twists and turns find me today

in colorado—panning for gold in the cold 

with the flurries flying around me

god, it felt great!

I always thought “Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America 

from border to border and coast to coast 

and all the ships at sea” was a great line

thanks Walter Winchell

I wanna wander from border to border

coast to coast//sea to shining sea

lobster boats to toes in the sand in santa monica

sail all the ships big and small 

across the seven seas

a girl in every port

dripping in old spice with my black captain’s hat

I’ll settle though for roaming the highways

backpack slung over my shoulders 

trespassing through the state park 

where you’re not supposed to go

walking among the bears and the red wolves

people talk about being lost in the wilderness

like it’s a bad thing