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August 17, 2021

Brown Dog

there isn’t anybody who does better art than nature
I was in love and the stars at night seemed to shine a little brighter

there was nothing left to do but close my eyes and dream of moonbeams

the sunset now history was pure gold in spirit if not color 

I went out for a walk this evening and didn’t see a soul; it was glorious!

there’s a boil water alert tonight, so I’m sticking to straight scotch 

there’s a time for drinking and a time for serious drinking; tonight was the latter

october was coming and as I looked at the leaves on the maple tree outside the window

all I could think of was their impending death 

the leaves would soon be laid out on slabs of asphalt and on the ground

with no family members to mourn

I think some days we all wanna feel blue at least a little while and this made me blue

bluer than blue - darker than dark - sadder than sad

It was fall now and that chill in the wind confirmed summer had packed up and left town 

it caught the last train, the last plane, out of town to come back in 8 or 9 months ready or not

winter is foreboding to some souls, rejuvenating to some 

the next day, I drove into the mountains that were looking very distinguished

painted in gray with a splash of snow

overlooks of splendor and wonder

I saw a brown dog wandering through the wilderness of the state park

he didn’t seem to care where he was going; we had much in common

I crossed an old wooden bridge spanning a lazy sprawling river

that lazy river works hard to be that way; it goes the extra mile

I was cold and alone and I couldn’t of been happier

there is happiness in the world if you know where to look for it and today I found it