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August 14, 2021

When Winter Comes

when winter comes, let it come with lots of snow and ice and cold
and a wind that blows

whiteout conditions, roads closed, schools closed

days of snowboundness, days and nights of precious silence*****

anything less would be a disappointment

don’t have no place to go so let it snow snow snow

frosty windows you have to strain to see out of

snow drifts high, getting higher and burying the mailbox

fireplace going full blast with cracks and pops

soft leather sofas to lay on

gallons of hot cocoa drunk and just plain drunk too

this child don’t get no cabin fever

if the electric goes, I’ve got the fireplace for cooking hot dogs and bratwurst

warming soup frying bacon and making chicken kabobs 

with chunks of green pepper and slices of onion  

wood stacked on the front porch for the fire

under a blue tarpaulin to stay dry

won’t see a snow plow for days out here on the rural route

that’s fine by me