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August 20, 2021

Twilight Road

woke up with a couple of poems rattling around in my head
banging into my brain

wrote them down and I think they’re pretty damn good 

must of been all the vodka I drank last night 

our future is shaped by our past in one way or another

twilight road is where I dwell

know people, no peace

some days you’re the horse and some days you’re the shovel

some days you’re the hawk soaring high in the sky above it all

up with the clouds flying free and easy

a long time ago summer just replayed in my mind for some reason

as I was watching the rain fall splash splat splat on my windshield

the rain was drumming a sandy nelson song on my car roof

went over to a friends house who had recently died

I went into the studio and there were large paintings and small paintings 

finished and unfinished, but all colored with melancholy 

his brushes, paints, palette, canvases and easels all waited for him to come back

drops of paint on the floor, walls, ceiling

his old easel could tell many stories 

he had had enough; that’s what his note said they said

that wolf in the forest is always hungry

there was no path to victory but plenty of alleyways to defeat

It’s too bad we can’t order a package of contentment and inner peace

have it shipped to us overnight prime