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August 29, 2021

2 P.M. On A Friday Afternoon

was gonna do some writing today
but I’m not sure what to write about

so I’m just listening to the crows outside 

cawing loudly to each other

like they got something important to say 

and they don’t care about who hears it

this is just after a thunderstorm came through 

booming and pouring 

the dog under my writing desk

where she always goes when it thunders

her safe space in the storm

still pretty dark outside

rain dripping off the trees onto the roof

occasionally accented by a blowing wind

category 4 hurricane heading up towards Louisiana 

they could use the rain in California 

air conditioner humming because it don’t know the words

blowing cool air much appreciated

beyond the French doors in the front room

clock ticking, eternity running out

grains of sand remaining fewer and fewer

now I don’t hear the crows

they’ve moved on, always moving they are

siren in the distance —- ambulance now rushing by the house 

maybe somebody’s sand dial has run out of sand

cemetery across the street gets ready to yawn