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August 26, 2021

Life Of The Country Club Set

chess board on the coffee table oozing class
black and white soldiers ready to do as their told

awaiting orders from generals smoking pipes

red chinese vase on large glass end table

stuffed with flowers and reeds and other brown stuff

large oak dining table immaculately dressed

and looking very lonely—all dressed up and nowhere to go

baby grand piano in the living room 

wonder if it’s ever been played; Rachmaninoff or Beethoven

swimming pool out back with fountains

splashing for no one but they look like they’re enjoying themselves

huge outdoor brick grilling area unused

golf course behind the back yard, championship no doubt

resident don’t play golf of course

house is sterile - it has no soul

breathless and lifeless as a corpse on a slab in the morgue downtown 

waiting for somebody to claim it

furniture that looks like no one’s ever sat on it

gated million dollar community - give your name to the guard

your party will buzz you in

take a left at the first roundabout

only park on one side of the street

no one outside, no one on the sidewalks

they must all be under house arrest