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September 1, 2021

Young Man Dreams Of An Old Man

old man still wearing the clothes of a young man
dreaming the same daydreams

          the same not happening daydreams that he had

when he was 20 years old

when he was 30 years old

when he was 40 years old

when he was 50 years old

when he’s 60 years old and still rising

life an empty beer keg

a flattened can in the middle of an alley

next to broken shards of glass

passed him by like a taxi in a driving rain

on fifth avenue at a lonely no moon midnight

hanging onto a lifeline with fingers in a death grip

afraid of the future

pathetic creature, a transmission stuck in neutral

a lifetime of dreaming dreams that won’t ever come true

his ponytail now gray and ratted

the last vestige of his youth

until the day he dies

which should be along presently if he’s lucky

sometimes dreams don’t come true