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June 19, 2021

Too Sunny

I gotta go inside, it’s getting too sunny out here
the sun is melting my brain my thoughts running out on the sidewalk

being stepped in, evaporating in the sun

footprints of gray matter disappearing before my eyes

I’ve learned there’s no sure things, just things

sat under the trees trying to hide from demons

those demons have a way of finding you through the shadows

maybe tonight it’ll work...I can drown them once and for all

I’m sure going to try

looked up to the clouds but they only looked down on me 

what did I ever do to them?

looked at an old picture of an ex-girlfriend

she either wore a lot of black eye makeup or I was dating a raccoon 

she was sweet though, loyal to a fault

wonder what’s become of her

life does have a point to it, but I’m afraid it’s a rather dull one 

was asked once at a job if I was permanent

I said hell no, nobody is permanent...we’re all just passing through

just like trains passing through misty morning countryside and sprawling oaks

into cities brimming with the poor, rusted cars, abandoned buildings

precious cargo, and poor little passengers--- 

they can’t afford to fly

but the train ain’t too cheap anymore either

trains into the city always have nervousness, indifference

and excitement onboard as passengers 

going to destinations known and unknown

known only to fate

trains into the city can take you into a wilderness that only lonely people know 

you know...all alone among millions

interrupting, she asked if I’d mind; lying I said no

honestly I didn’t care what she did

we were way past that at this point

watched the red candle burn while sipping on a cup of green tea

in the blackness of my studio, don’t think I’ll write today

air conditioner doing its best to keep up with the early summer heat strokes

as far as I’m concerned, autumn can’t get here fast enough