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June 16, 2021

Hiking The Inca Trail

walking out in the noonday sun under dabs of cotton
glued to a never ending blue sky

stretched over white tipped mountains 

melting cold liquid sliding down 

backpack slung over my shoulders 

indiana jones hat perched on my head

like a brightly colored macaw on my shoulder

where else would I be, where else would I want to be

I could have had friends or family who built machu picchu 

eating lunches of ceviche and saltado among the llamas

saw it in person hiking through the andes along the inca trail

going up to 4200 meters at one point dead woman’s pass

panting like a dog on all fours

chugging what little agua I got left

trekking through the jungle, falling down a ravine

scraping up my knee bloody red

tearing up my favorite pair of hiking boots

wiping sweat from my brow with sweat from my forearm 

dripping pools of golden sweat splashing on jungle floor

small birds wearing technicolor feathers

darting from tree to tree just above me

larger ones like giant condors soaring languidly 

gliding over canyons in the warmth of the peruvian sun

snakes slithering through the grasses

down the hills and over the passes

the lost city now in sight