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June 22, 2021


on a rainy nothing going on june day
darkness infiltrating every room

laying on a bed of gloom

gypsy memories dancing all around 

nothing remotely noteworthy 

plenty of things cringeworthy 

a life so unworthy I couldn’t get a penny for it

at the pawnshop on the corner with the steel bars

full of musical instruments full of sour notes

played by wannabe neverwas musicians mostly

next door to my favorite bar

where it’s like going into a deep dark cave

instead of spelunking you’re drunking 

nobody wants to know your name

nobody ******* cares, they just come to drink

what the hell could I have been thinking all those times

wasn’t much of an engineer

so often I was unhinged / off the rails / derailed 

plowing into the rocks and dirt down the embankment 

or doing a casey jones into the rear of a stalled train 

spilling passengers and cargo all over the countryside

tangled steel littering the trestle smoke wafting 

sixty miles an hour around a curve - why not?

on my way out -- too old to care now