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June 4, 2021

Poetry In A Cabin

it was supposed to rain this afternoon
but it looks like it’s going to be fashionably late

or be a total no-show; stood up again!

looked up and an empty sky void of clouds coming my way 

on a rusty steel bridge across a rapid green river, my mind floated downstream

over rocks and fallen logs and beaver dams

fish swimming and jumping in me

wandering around the woods without a care in the world...wonderful 

always on mountain time even when I’m not near the mountains

back to the cabin to grab something to eat

rented a small forest cabin and brought not much more

than an old typewriter and some paper and an old leather jacket

some mother nature inspired verse

be alone writing some poetry with my muse johnny walker red

fell asleep on the bed instead 

when I woke it was dark - middle of the wilderness dark

laid in bed in the black not being sure if I was alive or not

a fierce wind was blowing the stars out of the sky 

rocky mountain cold front arctic blast

possibly a foot of snow tonight! I love winter! 

it was deathly quiet and I willingly succumbed