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June 1, 2021

I Didn't Care - I Was Happy

maple reds and golds painted by nature at my feet, too beautiful and sacred to step on

it’s all about colours isn’t it?

oaks and maples, pines and birches...friends and family 

saw a pine tree that had fallen over 

mourned it’s death far greater than for most people 

sat and meditated on its life

then picking up deadwood--breaking it up crack sound like a baseball bat

when it got dark, moon peeking through the naked branches 

that reached out for love and found nothing but coldness

on this gloriously beautifully resplendent cold night that warmed the heart

at the campfire we all stared at for hours upon end

and threw pieces of wood into like some sort of religious sacrifice

later, I went into the grocery store with my black knit hat smelling like smoke

my blue-green flannel shirt and gray hoodie smelling like smoke

my pants smelling like smoke…

I didn’t care -- I was happy 

came back and most of the gang had retreated to their sleeping bags

me and those still up ate some candy bars and potato chips

swapping old war stories, old lies, new lies

put out the fire and retreated the small thin tent I had

the cold soon burrowed into my bones and made it its home there 

no amount of coffee in the morning could warm me up for hours 

I didn’t care -- I was happy