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May 29, 2021

The Unexplained

unexplained writing commencing from the other side
cryptic communiques -- transmitted messages

alluding to the strange phenomenon of metempsychosis 

a soul passed from one to another 

with perhaps a kind of justice to mete out

things beyond the normal as we know it 

what is normal anyway ? it refers to the common

the ordinary hum-drum we don’t even think about 

working the 9 to 5 thinking about the weekend

but the uncommon does happen

those lightning bolts from seemingly nowhere

that come from a cloudless sky like a UFO

descending upon us from regions unknown 

striking dead the unfortunate 

a billion to one occurrence 

the longest of longshots 

the unthinkable the unimaginable 

the ‘it just happened over there’

scary to think about such randomness 

better to take comfort in karma or ‘god's will’

a panacea to explain the unexplainable 

no amount of automatic writing could ever explain

no occultist could reason