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June 7, 2021

Hitching A Ride

the day grew dark and dim with the gathering of the purple twilight’s last gleaming
reluctantly going down that stoney road I never wanted to go

the water reflected a lonely and uncertain face that belonged to me

It would be all right if I could just make it to the coast somehow

was never one for hitchhiking but as they say desperate times call for desperate measures

a light rain began and it somehow seemed to become a holy experience

said a prayer and caught a ride with an old steelworker on his way home from his shift

being a former steelworker myself, we hit it off

talking about coke plants and boiler houses and slag

corrupt unions and corrupter companies

he turned on some country music which I don’t really like

but I was out of the rain and off my feet 

I wasn’t going to complain

considering all that I’d been through that day

it sort of felt apropos ya know

felt tired but didn’t dare fall asleep

the green road signs were just a blur

through my side of the raindrop painted windshield

he dropped me off and wished me well

I thanked him, my faith in humanity restored

at least for a minute 

the stars were with me that night that’s for sure

it had quit raining and I walked the rest of the way 

to the house where my supposed friends were

none of whom could pick me up

at last I made it and they were all there

I heated up a can of soup and put my feet up

on the old gray ottoman with the threadbare corners