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June 10, 2021

Parts Unknown

the road curved around the woods to parts unknown much to my delight
trail taken led to the main trail shake my head

hiking on the main trail would make me feel like a hamster on a treadmill

going around in a circle with all the other hamsters 

so I slipped off and did some stealth hiking

found a good spot in a small clearing 

just laid on the soft grass the better part of the afternoon lost in the moment

not worried about bears or moose on the loose

looked for a place where I could have the privacy of a cave

so went into the mountains and found a cave  

looked around and I wasn’t the first person to find it

hoped the previous residents wouldn’t show back up —-human or animal

telling the difference between the two is easy

animals don’t leave trash

sat on the cold brown ground and didn’t make a sound

just watched the trees and a deer pass by oblivious to me being there

that’s the kind of stuff I need

it wasn’t too late so headed up the mountain

not really sure of the way

kept looking for the white crosses to save me 

but they let me down as in the past

did find the red triangle trail and decided to hike back down

rubber legs and running mind