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May 20, 2021

Mercury Spilling

chopping wood like a tremendous machine
thwock! thwock! pieces flying hurricane fighters

up in the sky and touching down

the rhythmic hum darting out of white satin clouds

twirling and whirling in circles

on a clean cut cold early winter day

landing neatly in formation on the front porch

military precision of Montgomery’s eighth army

indoor fireplace to warm up the a-frame

the place to b you c

bottle of brandy always helps 

in front of frosting up windows lined with snow angels

watching the thermometer drop like an old man in his final moment

red glistening mercury spilling 

soaking into the earth

mars the wooden floor

seeping between the splits and the knots  

listening to the symphony of the fire

being conducted by sir georg solti

I’ve got more brandy for drinking—so let it snow

french bread pizza in the toaster oven

bon app├ętit mon ami crunch crunch

could sleep in late tomorrow morning 

instead up early for a walk through the park 

a ten mile march but I’ll just do two

I know I’m disobeying orders

please forgive me general 

but in the take your breath away frosty air

I say hello to the trees 

any animal I see