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May 17, 2021

Dark Attic


crinkled old newspaper memories 

in a dusty part of the dark attic seldom visited

crumbling apart into pieces -- unfolding 

brown and browner yesterday’s headlines 

dead little bugs nestled inside

did they have good lives

old photographs retrieved from a musty old chest in the dark attic

faces and names faded like light in the muddy sky

coming through the spooky circular window

that was a floor above the grand vestibule

fancy peel and stick glass vine like design

big attic, big basement, big house, big memories

not sure why I remember those things now

things seem so long ago that it doesn’t seem to be me

I don’t like looking at pictures of myself because it isn’t me

staring into the mirror --- who are you?

like watching movie downtown cinema boarded up theatre

salty buttery popcorn, ice with drink, chocolate candy bar in hand

somebody else up there on screen looks like I did

vague recollections, divorced from the emotions, puzzled by the actors

what the hell were they thinking; what the hell was I thinking 

I know how this is going to turn out—-do you want me to tell you the ending

but...too much time wasted on thinking about wasted time

head out early, down to comfort coffeeshop