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May 23, 2021

Inside Picnic

it was a most welcome unseasonably cool day
in the middle of the summer death march

rain festival ongoing 

all night before, morning, afternoon

got this crazy (not so crazy) idea

picked up my not hungover surprisingly girlfriend 

bought some fast food fast

mc whopper for me, filet-o-chicken for her

pulled out some red hot sauce from her purse

she loves it on anything—I mean anything***

pulled into a pretty empty walmart parking lot

turned off the 351 red and white starsky and hutch lookalike

had us an inside the car picnic

got there quickly, sat there slowly, eating our food slowly

watching the cars watching the people 

drinking our drinks- alcohol may have been involved

some tokes

listening to the rain hitting the car roof

splashing on the windows 

enjoying the zen as the hipsters say

not saying a whole lot, overcome by the quiet

I love that about her

she gets into the peacefulness thing like I do

we still sat there long after the food was eaten

her head on my shoulder 

my arm around her

when it got dark, we went back to her place 

turned some music on

left the lights off