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May 8, 2021

Imaginary Friends

imaginary friends the best kind
never have a bad word to say

always supportive no matter what happens

never play practical jokes, laugh at your jokes

don’t criticize —- talk behind your back

always have got your spirit anyway

always there when you need someone to talk to

tell you how cool you are

or drink with or have a 3 a.m. pepperoni pizza with

go for a ride in the car with

always come to your parties bringing tacos and beer

sit on the basement couch with you

listening to music and making you think you popular 

loyal and standing beside you

maybe that’s why people like dogs so much

they’re a lot like that

don’t care if you’re really a loser

even when you’re down

they’re always around

don’t care if you’ve got no money in your pocket

when your real friends have left town

imaginary friends can always be found