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May 5, 2021

All That For This

she was big into status symbols
leather interior cadillac in the garage

when she got bored with that

the shiny black lincoln town car

then back to the dom perrignon champagne flavored cadillac 

4/3 winter house in florida///she didn’t need that much house

on a big pie shaped lot next to the 17th hole tee box 

didn’t play golf but it was prestigious 

undoubtedly impressed people when she told them

the inground pool in the backyard that was seldom used

but it was there—it was there 

it was there to tell people she had it good

when relatives or friends came down to visit

she had it good for some time 

then her health took a turn for the worse 

down a bumpy rocky road to someplace she didn’t want to go 

she couldn’t see so well

had trouble getting around—had to sell the place

move into a senior condo ‘community’

alright, but albeit a step down

younger old hippie neighbors with their loud music

that they strained to hear - reminded them of woodstock I suppose 

she wasn’t too happy living there

eventually went into the care facility 

a twin bed jammed in the corner of a smallish poorly lit room

shared with some stranger close to death

who played their t.v. too loud

and I thought all that for this

not a grand way to go out///not at all

the room always contained a pall

soon she did go out deep blue eyes gave it away

well, better than a neighbor many years before I say

dropped dead two days after moving to florida 

at least she had some golden years

or at least they were in her mind