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May 11, 2021

Winter Weekends

lake house winter weekends
most cottages were locked up for *****winter *****

tightly wrapped pipes -- faucets barely dripping

prevent water lines from freezing; thermostats turned down

abandoned for months for about four months

not us, sliding into an ice cold bed

covers o’er the top of me head

revel in the cold silence except for the soft rumbling 

small overmatched furnace in the spare bedroom 

blurry it was looking through the visqueen

on the porch that was screened 

not much could be seen

grass now brown once green

put up to keep the snow out

up in the sun room -- morning sleep rudely interrupted 

sun searchlight 7 am through sunroom windows (that makes sense)

never too early to start ice skating

lake frozen over, snow shovel /// clear the snow 

hour or two skate on sunday morning

hockey stick in hand, puck on ice

holy experience experienced

slap of the puck against the wooden pier

clank of the puck hitting the metal support

skates slashing blades crashing

inside to warm up; hot coffee or cocoa in chicago blackhawks mug

watch football from soldier field - metropolitan stadium 

later years, johnny walker red or something like that


before dark which came early 

a great time for a walk to nowhere in particular

meandering down the snow packed county road before sunset

cows mooing softly in the distance... the horizon soft orange like sherbet and so promising

the cold crisp fresh air

supper waiting on the stovetop

feeling almost alone in the world 

feeling like life was worth living

alas, all good things must come to an end

spring meant tourist town would be coming back to life again

dirty snow melting in little piles

cars and people milling about+++people looking for lake property

just as I had done many years ago

with ‘Day After Day’ playing on the radio

dread these Johnny-come-latelys every year now

traffic on the roads, crowds in the grocery stores, the restaurants

fourth of july fireworks

anxiously awaiting October exodus