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April 5, 2021

Cool Jazz FM 103.5

innocuous light jazz weaseling its way
into my dim living room

coming out of the woodwork 

from the old yellowed zenith radio decades old

rhythmic refrigerator on the snares brushing along with the beat

cool jazz fm 103.5 ain’t never seen no thelonious monk

dog in the corner snoring the bridge

blinds closed keeping the dark in

in the early afternoon eclipse 

incense burning - candle turned on at full volume

rusty mail truck australian style lumbering by front of house 

wish it was raining happiness

want something to happen but nothing to happen 

this is contentment these days nico 

took a nap on the futon and ate a little food

canned chicken on bread 

with "bob mayo on the keyboards... bob mayo!"

imitation cape cod kettle chips

cold pabst blue ribbon wannabe to wash it down 

  • outside now -

it’s september nighttime and the crickets come alive

creek creek creek creek creek creek 

big planes flutter their red and green eyes at me

as they fly overhead in the blackened cajun style sky

to the noisy neighbor airport who won’t move

think I’ll set up my leaky gray tent

sleep in the backyard back of the woods for the hell of it

among the hooting owls and lurking hungry bears 

what could happen