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April 2, 2021

Touched By Your Presence

you and your superstition
your past lives, your visions

I think it’s crazy but I believe it

you’re dangerous, a wildfire waiting to happen

all you need is a spark

should of known when I first met you

your dark svengali-esque eyes

that wild mane of black hair

that slightly disturbing evil laugh

we were in high school and you lit your homework on fire

so we could stay warm in the spooky woods

on that cold november night

you didn’t care

spoke of lucifer like he was a close personal friend of yours

drank like a sailor, cussed like a fish

you were the first person I actually believed ever cared about me

you believed in my ESP

my visions, my readings of the tarot 

there was a mysticism all about you that I loved

I was always touched by your presence 

a strange brew of a girl

  • x    -

then I served four years of college

you disappeared like an apparition 

I still think about you time to time

I tried looking you up on social media to no avail

I wonder if you ever think about me

maybe I can communicate to you via telepathy