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April 8, 2021

Appalachia Way

making my way along the trail appalachia way
the wind came up and laid me down

huddled inside the sleeping bag 

stealth camping hidden away 

pines touching their toes in the wind

color blowing off the evergreens 

onto the formerly brown ground now green

weather forecast right for once

wind chill mighty chilly - mighty chilly 

wind whistling like a whistler painting 

don’t like whistling or people that whistle 

or people for that matter 

fell asleep and woke in the morning 

with a dusting of snow on me bag

shake it off /// shake it off -- cold refreshing 

a large limb fell about two foot from me

never heard a thing 

wouldn’t be alive if it would have hit me

make a fire with pieces of aforementioned dead limb 

for some bitter coffee to drink 

with my nutritious beef jerky to eat

time now to meander around the woods

no flight plan filed