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March 16, 2021

Without A Care In The World

black coffee in a white cup on a dark blue morning
that was this morning’s headline

extra! extra! read all about it!

I walked into the rain without a care in the world

or without much else

or an umbrella for that matter and it didn’t matter

autumn drenching refreshing 

found a soft concrete wall to sit on

chilly rain falling on me like I was a statue

felt like a statue

a ship stuck on a sandbar

surrounded by reflecting silver puddles

reflected myself +++++++++

on the coast somewhere, water is washing up on the sand

seagulls are squawking, and a lost soul is seeking solace 

in the sounds of the sea 

in and out in and out rinse repeat

I’m getting a healthy case of wet

diagnosis dialed in the prognosis is good 

walk into town drenched neon

see the car, hear the splash

my lost soul is transported to the sounds of the sea