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March 19, 2021

A Man Of All Seasons

first warm day of spring
first day of short sleeves

melting snow soaking growing grass

where’s the baseball glove?

in the wooden box in the corner of the garage

I love summer’s rainy days 

leaves slapping together, clapping their hands in a storm

sunny days laying like a slug by the pool

go away evil world

just want to be left alone

autumn’s cool evenings on the porch

get out the flannel shirts from the attic

the feeling of death in nature

the feeling of impending doom

stone fireplaces getting their first workout

winter’s cold snowy nights 

I am a man of all seasons

but winter is my favorite


in the darkness of the december night

there was a pure glow and warm feeling 

emanating from the snowy ground

there wasn’t another soul around 

except for a snowman who was just chilling 

does a snowman have a soul?

is he hurt emotionally when he’s knocked down?

snow glued on to the evergreens branches

stars like laser beams

shining so bright in the kettle black sky

moon looking over my shoulder

perfectly still and still perfect 

sat in the snow and had a zen moment 

I couldn’t write that with a straight face BWAHAHAHA!

could have died right then and died in pure happiness 


there was more snow to shovel

a driveway to clear 

didn’t care if it took all night 

pulled my knit hat down nice and tight