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March 22, 2021

Frosty Colorado Morning

in the frosty white-yellow tint of a Colorado morning

my spirit soared through the blue sky and over the rockies

danced around pikes peak

but all the happiness in the world won’t buy you a hot cup of coffee on a cold day

and it was mighty cold

but I was among friends; the evergreens, rocks, the snow-capped mountains

flurries started falling furiously and the wind rose

snow-laden clouds dumping their load

found a lean-to deep in the forest and it became my temple

it was a holy experience baby

got out of the wind and into my surroundings

sat in meditation and samadhi

built a fire to thaw out and space out 

awaited the solstice experience like the child of the universe I was

ate some tasteless lunch and took a long nap curled up like a dog

the fire went out when I wasn’t looking

the day grew as cold as death itself 

those now gray skies were carrying rucksacks full of snow

time to head out...but one last fire

hunted for some deadwood to keep this child alive

at least the wind died down and it didn’t feel near as cold

a modest hike and I could get a room at the lodge in the valley

warmth and a good hot turkey dinner would be waiting

steppin’ through the twilight feelin’ alright