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March 13, 2021

Turn Left At The Moon

the road turned left at the moon and stretched into the stars.

I took that road and found myself in heaven

all alone in a never ending forest

out in the wilderness, what everyone else thought seemed so inconsequential

it was a cold afternoon as the sun was imprisoned by clouds 

the wind howled like a pack of hungry wolves

for some reason, I was thinking about the holy wanderers; 

barefooted and walking on a path in the broiling dust of India

here I was walking in the snow 

seeking peace in the mountains and forest

I lay down in the snow and listened to the quiet; pure happiness 

thought about those that have gone to the great beyond 

anything loved though is never dead

hiked up into the mountains - fog hidden

stopped to build a fire and have something to eat 

my psychokinetic talents proved most valuable after the matches got wet

it was getting near dusk

the sky in the evening was rose red promising a day of tranquility ahead, weather wise at least

hoped the weather wouldn’t turn on me

I was going to ask the stars for help, but the closest one was 4.24 million light years away

I slept in my bedroll dead to the world; I was exhausted 

woke up to orange and yellow ribbons in the morning sky

it was a short hike into a town ahead

emerged from the mountains in a blissful trance

this wanderer came into town seeking only a little food and some lodging

I walked into a half-deserted mall and a lady greeted me

one of the former anchor stores had been converted into a makeshift church

she asked “Are you looking for the mall?” 

thinking quickly, I said “No, I’m looking for God!” 

she offered me a seat inside but I declined 

I didn’t have any reason to believe he was at a mall in colorado 

I had lost my mind but was in no hurry to find it 

I bought some food in the dollar store

hiked back up into the mountains - fog hidden