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February 13, 2021

The Great Outdoors

the great outdoors is only great
when there aren’t any two-legged roaches crawling around

out of the woodwork and into your cereal 

cool and windy today under sunny skies

thankfully roaches are at a minimum 

pulpit rock colorado 

sounds a little too religious for me but whatever

it is what it is 

summit - that’s the goal today 

up the gray sand to the top

remember it’s not the altitude it’s the attitude 

one misstep away from serious injury

falling into a washed out gully off the beaten path

and feeling beaten 

or even overcome by death

winded and wobbling passed by a dog

scampering up the hill

wish I had his energy///he’s in better shape than I

heartbeat is more like a heart that’s beat

telling me “far enough”

the mile high thin air has got me

at least that’s what I tell myself 

I could collapse and roll downhill 

across the busy four-lane

into the emergency room of the hospital 

conveniently located across the street 

yelling at the poor security guard on the way in

as almost everyone does

my legs are as sturdy as wet paper 

I won’t reach the summit - I saw the dog did

after sitting on a rock catching my elusive breath 

I slink down to the truck 

grab a coke and a filet-O-fish on the way home 

longing for days when a younger man was wrapped around these bones