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February 17, 2021

Somewhere In The Mountains

when the time comes and it will come most assuredly
throw my ashes and bone fragments in the mountains

don’t really care which mountains

Green, Rocky, Smoky...I love them all

among the pines and the lines of the mountaintops

on the rocks and in the vegetation

this will be my final station

in the forest among the birch, maples, oak 

surrounded by my loved ones

the bears, foxes, deer, maybe some wolves

the multi-colored birds sing to me their songs

hope it’s a cold cloudy gray foggy day

snow in the air or rain falling to the ground

I’ll lay down and hug the dirt without making a sound

can’t think of a better place to be

than to be scattered next to a tree

big roots, fallen leaves, deadwood nearby

there’s no need to cry

I’m where I was happiest in life

far away far away

I’ll be happy there in death  

be away far away

to use a favorite phrase

cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown