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February 20, 2021

Just A Scribbler

I’m just a scribbler in a rock and roll band
the one in the shadows shadows shadows

behind the camera, behind the soundboard

behind the keyboard (not the musical kind)

not behind blue eyes though

more like behind the 8 ball

“pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”

and no one does

some of us claim we don’t want the attention

better to stay holed-up in some crappy place

too hot in the summer

too cold in the winter

groaning pipes and creaky floors

feels like a fifth floor walk up with only four floors

very few people understand a writer 

I once had a girlfriend who I thought understood me

we were soul mates or some such thing we said

I guess she thought she was better off dead

one day she just threw herself in front of a train

in an early morning august rain 

I didn’t feel anything really/// 

just numb 

I stayed in my room and wrote as if nothing had happened 

what more could be done 


but it’s better than digging ditches I guess

although that’s work where you don’t hafta think

don’t make no difference to the bottle what you are

no true poet dies of nothing else than

some kind of suicide

drinking themselves to death for instance 

you just get tired of it all after a while