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February 23, 2021

Gary, Indiana

abandoned buildings
                   buildings burned out with no roofs

                   broken or boarded-up windows...or bricked over

pothole city

             city where you don’t stop for no stop signs

                                      don’t wanna be approached 

                                      don’t wanna get shot

steel mill down for the count

                down goes Gary! down goes Gary!

                knocked out lying on its back

a town full of ghosts

                       ghosts of a better time

          bemoaning and groaning

downtown full of empty stores

                             empty broken sidewalks

                             empty dreams and nightmares all too full of reality 

half the population done gone

    gone gone gone the city on the move

                                        that was their slogan, now dead in the water

an apocalypse standing still

  still an apocalypse 

                             lying still in the morgue


Michael Jackson

Karl Malden 

Vivian Carter - Vee-Jay Records 

Gary Memorial Auditorium 

Elbert H. Gary


R.I.P.  Gary, Indiana