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February 26, 2021

Goatee, ETC.

black beret - man, what can I say
dark sunglasses - I got it I got it

goatee - ETC. - stylin’ and profilin’

poems in hand - deeper than sand

coffee mug half full 

copious amounts of stimulants

bongos - a must have

acoustic guitar - make me a star

black turtleneck sweater

got all I need to speed

the ultimate cool, top shelf

beatnik so cool I’m ice cold 

let me lay some poetry on ya

stay up all night (see line 6)

head over to the diner

where the cool cats hang

I dig, I’m hip, it’s crazy

hang out in the coffee shops

hang out in the bookstores

I got some abstract for your concrete

the answers are out in the street

don’t be no fool

come over to our side of cool

don’t pay no attention to big daddy

he don’t know how to get kicks