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March 1, 2021


where’s my nightcap
my can’t get to sleep without my nightcap

straight from the bottle

several nightcaps just to make sure 

tap tap tap

sounds good tonight...hemingway-esque 

tomorrow when I’m sober and when my head’s clear

it meets the arch enemy delete button 

in the old days it was wadded up paper

waste paper basket on dirty floor like mt. fuji  

covered in clouds 

or giant marshmallows waiting to get put in a fire

bills not paid (that I never got) (wink)

7 a.m. comes early alarm ring ring

good thing to get up at the crack of noon

after staying up all night with my friend the moon

it’s a better more relaxing world with no one around

nobody around to make a sound

time strung out like a heroin addict

it’s mausoleum silent now

now I can rest in peace