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February 10, 2021

My Stellar Career

after my stellar career of working
8 to 5 in a alternately broiling

or freezing warehouse for years 

which ended not with a gold watch

but with a ‘your services are no longer required’

impersonal telephone call on a sunday night

from an always coldly impersonal... very cold

human relations department employee 

‘human relations’ doesn’t say what kind 

human relations usually mean bad news 

I took a gap year like the cool college kids do

then I proceeded to perform a series of odd jobs 

working with odd people 

which eventually drove me to drink 

for which I am profusely grateful for

better to be alone than with fools

buddha said that

relationships often turn into sunken ships 

alexander says that

you can’t always judge a book by its cover 

but a lot of times you can get the gist of it

and you’re not wrong

don’t need to be no new york times literary critic to figure it out