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February 7, 2021


I stuck my head out of my old winnebago
that’s seen better days but so too have I, so too have I

it was a cold frosty mug of root beer morning you 

that good to be alive feeling 

in a jellybear campground in the smoky mountains

among the fraser fir and red spruce

the black bears, eastern cougars and red foxes

the ever friendly northern copperhead 

hot coffee bubbling in the percolator 

a hot cup gets the blood churning 

a brisk walk around the campground 

I’m one of the few hardy people in the here and now

sticks snapping underfoot, blue birds in brown trees

building a piping hot fire to cook breakfast over

so much more real than using the camper stove

an egg and bacon will do nicely 

another few days here

then it’s back on the road again 

destination unplanned