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February 4, 2021

Out Of The Blue

what’s that bolt from out of the blue?
I thought the melody might make someone smile

a recollection of a good time sometime somewhere 

somebody might appreciate it

a younger time, a younger place in a younger world

up at that place on grant avenue you remember

hanging out hanging in hanging on

bus downtown bus uptown bus crosstown

in the rain in the snow

not good for us what did we know?

learned a lot - saw a lot - forgot a lot

some of them folks ain’t here no more

think about them from time to time

brings a smile to this weary mind

life goes on though don’t it? life goes on

even loved ones 

some days don’t think about them at all

lose myself in the bars

lose my head in the sound

slowly melt into the ground 

staring into space listening to the pound

ain’t got much more to hang on 

it’s not the same anymore 

let me have one more happy hour 

one last ready- one last set- one last go around