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February 1, 2021

Unlucky Star

only explanation is being born under an unlucky star
this feeling of a black cloud over my head

a black dog following me around all the time

I mean serious black

wanted to uncover it all and know the truth

searching for a shred of proof

trekked to the source once but it was closed for the season

got a ticket for my karma speeding through the universe 

my meditation was the waterfall crashing upon the rocks

smoke from incense dancing round and round

to the sound of a song of silence 

I’ve always been a ship without a rudder

...drifting, drifting into uncharted waters full of sharks

once met a girl from cincinnati

thought we had something going

she was a lost soul, but I was as lost than she was

couldn’t help her find herself

my love for anyone is always behind an 8 ball 

there’s too much crying in the world 

my understanding of things is sometimes too good for my own good

the truth was I didn’t really want to know the truth

I just don’t care anymore...I really don’t

laid in the sand hoping the tides would pull me out to sea

the ocean speaks to us every time it rushes the shore SWISSSH SWISSSSSSH

in the middle of night in the middle of some serious drinking it began to rain 

does rain happen because the clouds are crying?