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January 2, 2021

Mysterious Ways

I could live a long time in the wilderness, but of course that is only a guess
for existence is fleeting it fades into the mist

with a brief wave from fate our lives are dismissed 

don’t long for what could have been

keep flowing like the river flow flow flow

go go go on your merry way 

through green forests over logs, around mossy boulders

cutting through deep forests where the deer drink from you

the forest is home to many dreams and a secret life that no one knows of leaves leaving the branches to which they will never return

like dreams discarded by the aging dreamer down on his luck

the trees would like a word with you 

can the sky be so blue it’s sad?

the birds cheerful songs are not the soundtrack of my life

I always felt it was safe to tell my secrets to the stars

dark now - make a fire, conjure up spirits 

have an independent spirit but know

there will be hardships and sacrifices to be made

be like a mountain and stand tall even in the worst of times

under the mountains there is sometimes silver and gold

but under the night sky, there is hunger and cold so I am told

our fate is written in the sand that no ocean tides can alter with its waves

remember that wisdom doesn’t float in with the morning tide

this path shall take me where my fate wills

the universe moves in mysterious ways

with unsure nights and uncertain days