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January 5, 2021

Disappeared; Whereabouts Unknown

you disappeared like a beautiful magic show model
vanished without a trace so it seems

whereabouts unknown; it’s all a mystery

unsolved and that may never have an answer

just walking down a busy street in the afternoon

what could happen, I mean what could happen

oh but there are so many evil people in the world

they see a pretty girl

a crime of opportunity presents itself

they take advantage and grab you, lure you

it’s done in a flash maybe sell you for cash

nobody heard nothing, nobody saw nothing

a gray van, no a white truck, no something else it was

if anybody saw anything at all

those cameras never have no film in them do they

if they do they’re pointing the wrong direction; or grainy film that reveals nothing

someones say they saw you in Miami or Phoenix or L.A.

Las Vegas

New York City

Atlanta GA (the ATL)

all at the same time; they all swear it was you but police check and it wasn’t

eyewitness sightings are so unreliable

so now maybe you laying in a forest preserve shallow grave

or maybe no grave, just some bones that have been scattered

a few pieces of clothes now tattered

or maybe none of the above

just a cold case file reopened from time to time

somebody somewhere has to know something 

where are you