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December 30, 2020

They Are Speaking To Us

chanting mantras in a darkened room
lit only by the candlelight of tall dark red candles

making figures twist and shout on the ceiling dance floor

puppeteer yellow flames 

that great oracle known as the whispering wind

makes his unmistakable presence known

silky shears dance softly in the midnight breeze 

with an occasional high kick

restless souls relive past lives

vaguely opaque images move wall to wall

past darkened old oak tables and chairs

fate of deceased still uncertain

seance feelings coming on strong

begin with a moment of quiet meditation

the medium closes her eyes

falling into another world trance

communicating with those in the spirit world

crossing the bridge of death to speak

manifestations from mystical regions

spiritualism in full bloom

ectoplasm emanating eerily

spirit trumpets playing their new orleans voodoo songs

communiques from beyond the grave

dearly departed ones no longer inhabiting this world 

...they are speaking to us