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December 27, 2020

Fair Winds and Following Seas

peace isn't real, it's just a five letter word
whenever I'm filled with spirits, I'm filled with spirits

understanding is knowing that life is the cause of death 

unfortunately, wisdom isn't something you can pick up on your way to catch the morning train 

so much time has passed, so little learning has taken place

I'll take a one way ticket to the moon  

the stars see all, don’t they

this universe isn't big enough for both of us 

the wind blows pessimism today from the north

concerning our differences, we may as well be on opposite sides of a mountain 

fate has dashed many a good hope

most of life is two ships passing in the night, to borrow a Longfellow expression 

fair winds and following seas my friend

I love the ocean, the salt in the air, the high seas!

alas, too many captains and the ship winds up in the mountains 

I feel a list towards starboard 

remain at the bridge and in control’s always later than we think

life is a song and more often than not lately, I don’t know the words

a body can say many things without the mouth ever openi

clouds change effortlessly, why can’t we?

they say you can never enter a river in the same place twice 

my imagination runs wild like a deer in the forest

I see the french doors in the living room and I see paris

I have conversations with inanimate objects

beats the hell out of talking to most people 

now it’s time for my favorite...scotch on the rocks of newfoundland