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December 19, 2020

Unhappy Souls

it was a dark morning and death was on my fingertips
...and with that experience, the sky crashed upon my shoulders

he felt like an old ship waiting to be scuttled

I’ve got no stars to thank for this mess

I often hate fate, it can be so cruel

at one time she was the warmth of the whiskey

now she was as cold as the ice

but I looked up at the mountain and realized I had no choice but to climb it

first, I sat down by the river and for a while became the river

splashing all over not caring where I went

the clouds drifted by oblivious to my heartbreak

the ripples in the lake caused by the bad news were unceasing

the stepping stones I had coveted for so long proved to be most slippery

in this most unfortunate hour, I had only a half-dead tree to lean on

I waited for the churning water to calm, but all I saw was mud

I walked into the wilderness and was never seen again; intentionally or not it is not known

what a time to be alive, what a glorious time to die

our own mind is sometimes a stranger to us

life has a nasty habit of crushing one’s spirit

the ‘truth’ often melts like an april snow

we can wish upon stars, but they don’t have ears to hear us do they?

at this point, an alternative universe seemed to be a good option

life often means going into the four feet of snow

as the grandparents saying go

there are so many unhappy souls in the world

sometimes we probably all wish we could disappear from time to time like the moon 

the rain plays no favorites 

don’t be too harsh, we all lose our way from time to time 

one of our problems is we’re always depending on the undependable

we all want the truth and sometimes unfortunately we find it