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December 16, 2020

In The Forest

enjoying the music of the leaves beneath my feet 
as I wandered through the forest

swish swish crack swish

my jaded experience told me I’d seen this all before 

I desperately wished for fresh eyes

unhappily searching for the source of happiness

the blackjack dealer known as fate sometimes deals us a card

when we already have 21

the fire that had burned so strongly 

had gone out with the inevitable passing of time 

I was all right with it - it was time to relax

shortcuts to success often prove to be a most treacherous path

I’d taken my share of mine; cutting corners with dull scissors

I had a mind to do something, but my other mind convinced me otherwise

I can find harmony in a bunch of rocks on the ground

peace is a field of amber grain dancing in the summer breeze

rain and snow cheer me up but sunshine depresses me

found many friends among the trees and their beautifully colored leaves 

I wanted to hug every one of them

stumbled upon my soul and it was filled with breathtaking wilderness

getting lost in the forest seemed like the only hope for lasting happiness

I held my spirit in my hands like it was a small bird ready to fly

the universe has never been a stranger to me

enjoyed the song of a quiet autumn day

drank until I can’t see the eye chart of reality straight

got along with the truth but was in love with illusion

the bear was stalking me and all I could think of was love 

my body felt the cold outside, but more accurately the cold felt me

tried to remember that there was a time when I too was young

had an understanding that I didn’t understand at all 

so I no longer concerned myself with it

look around you and you see scraps of wisdom blowing in the streets

my mountain has always been what I was taught growing up

the forest gave me a warm hug and told me that it was going to be okay

all I had now was a memory and this moonlight