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December 13, 2020

Sea Legs

excuse me if I'm moving a little slow
my head feels a little top-heavy

a little too much vodka last night

trying to make the demons go away 

let me get my sea legs

get my bearings 

check the latitude and longitude 

stand by with the warning rockets just in case 

one more cup of coffee to lubricate the system

seaworthy once more

a light chop, storms affecting the shipping lanes only

some fresh air and sunshine would be good 

if I can drag myself outside topside

topside now dark dark dark sunglasses on

peace blowing in the wind about 15 knots

laying down deck chair I just wanna melt

drip over the sides into the water

carry me away nice and easy

no answers, just more questions 

I don't wanna entertain any questions now

warmer inland, cooler by the beach 

sound of a distant jet leaving a wake in the sky

splish-sploshing against the side of my boat

some things are timeless 

I would count the sea as one

other things time runs out on 

when it's gone it's gone