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December 10, 2020

Jazz Quintet

play that soul rattling bass my man
doomb doomb doomb doomb

glue man the glue

then the drums come in

thumpa thumpa thumpa thump

thumpa thumpa thumpa thump

then brushes gently set the stage

swishing around figure eight

next we hear from mr. sax

blow man, blow!

street grit and satin smooth

taking you here and there

raise you up knock you down 

sax says what he’s got to say and then fades away

drums fade hi-hat only pish-pish pish-pish 

piano comes in next

caressing the keys like something soft and sweet

tinkle tinkle tink

a little muscle now

bonk bonk BONK

trumpet comes on like a french whore’s whisper

syrupy brass sweet as her strut

playing long and low so what

close my eyes and it’s miles davis

pour down another whiskey order again 

don’t want this fine night to ever end