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December 22, 2020

Full Of Destiny

it’s not that I can’t understand, it’s because I don’t want to
what little understanding I have is built on shifting sands

life is a very fluid situation

I believe we may see the end of civilization as we know it 

a pleasant blue sky doesn't reflect the turmoil beneath it

if you find yourself in a dark place, turn on a flashlight

a lot can happen between the morning sunrise and an evening sunset

so many people want harmony in their lives, but they live them out of tune 

you can’t have life without death

that’s part of the deal isn’t it?

the plane to real truth leaves eventually one day

with you on board to an unknown destination 

the grave only gets deeper with the passing of time

time; it always seems to go by too fast or too slow 

destiny never cares about your plans does it?

tides come and go like most of the people in our lives

happiness all too often slips through our fingers doesn’t it?

happiness for most lasts just the brevity of a flash of lightning in the sky

the rest is the darkness of night 

the soul is untouchable yet undeniable so I’ve heard.

it all comes from the source and returns to the source...wherever the source is

everything should be as reliable as the tides

peace in our time? we should be so lucky

experience has no value if you keep making the same mistakes

earth is a beautiful place- it's the people who live here that sully it

when I sit around a fire, it always ignites many memories of people in the past

...and with enough shots, I eventually even toasted that sonofabitch called life

this wanderer chose a path not particularly concerned with which way it led

I didn’t have anybody to blame but myself

the night was full of destiny and I hung on for dear life