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November 6, 2020

Son Of A Famous Man

son of a famous man
there must have been some expectations

greatness runs in the family so to speak doesn’t it?

you just didn’t have the talent your old man did

or the desire or the fire

so you retreated - fell back

took a pedestrian job in the land of obscurity

could of never stepped out of HIS shadow anyway

you stopped trying a long time ago 

lived quietly - got along without song

people who knew you knew you 

but they didn’t know who you really were

until after you died - they found out who

wonder all around 

you were one of the crowd

just like everybody else they knew

sometimes it’s in the genes and sometimes it ain’t

they look at your life as tragic when it really twaint 

did the best you could

truck driver, baker, what difference

you were yourself and that’s what matters

they thought something must of gone wrong with your life

your father being who he was and all 

but your life was what it was

was your father disappointed

yes, no, maybe so

don’t make no difference now anyway