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November 9, 2020

General Store

peanuts in barrels - salted, unsalted, raw
tv in the corner showing hee haw

chocolate pudding in gallon cans

cheap never heard of it soda by the case

giant bags of potato chips, cheese curls

milk, bread, cans of vegetables, fresh corn on the cob

tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots

package of hot dogs/hamburgers and some charcoal

we got dinner for that night

old tyme vending machines

plenty of american flags in stock

radio playing the local farm station on a shelf

price of hog bellies up

hardware stuff in the back

barrels of hammers, nails, screws, washers

gallons of odd color paint

seasick green, throw-up yellow, diarrhea brown 

one can of this, two cans of that

sticks of incense but nothing like dragon’s blood or patchouli 

more like burning tires, old garbage, outside dog

young teenage girls at the cash register

they smile shyly and you wished your parents weren’t around

you wished you weren’t 10 years old

bubble gum machine on the way out